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Prodeus Tech dares to be that cutting edge I.T company offering advanced solutions and expert advisory towards the resolution of complex business problems.

Cloud & Infrastructure

We know that there’s no one size fits all solution, so our goal is to make cloud and infrastructure services what you need it to be. We can tailor the solution to meet your business requirements.

Business Internet

Our managed internet service provides a variety of access technologies including copper, fibre optics and wireless, with high speed uploads and downloads and the ability to distribute data to multiple sites.

IT Support & Services

We provide extra sets of hands to help with your IT Support needs to give you the time and space to focus on how technology can deliver on your businesses corporate goals.

I.T Hardware Procurement

We partner with all the major IT vendors to provide an ever expanding suite of products and peripherals for easy procurement.

Data Networking

We assess, design, deliver and manage private data networks and secured internet access enabling your business to operate seamlessly across all locations.

Software Development

We engage the key people in your business to identify what’s slowing them down, we design a more productive solution and then deliver it.

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